Genetic polledness is characteristic to the Angus breed. They are usually single-coloured — either black or brown, but they can be also grey and have small white spots on the belly or the udder. The cattle have a long body shape and a high muscle content with a distinct, filled rear loins and a light and distinctive head. The characteristics of the Angus bulls: live-weight from 900 kg up to 1100 kg, they have good growth traits and they fatten up from herbaceous forage.

The characteristics of the Angus cows: live-weight from 550 kg up to 700 kg, low breeding costs, easy / regular calving, good mothering traits and a long productive life. Birth weight of the calf varies from 32 kg up to 35 kg.

The farm has purchased high-value Angus heifers for breeding purposes mostly from Denmark and slightly with the UK's genetics.