Wagyu is a broad Japanese cattle breed that originated in Japan. In Japanese ‘wa’ means Japanese, whereas ‘gyu’ — a cow. Wagyu cattle originally were used for farming purposes because of their strength. This choice affected Wagyu muscle and fat formation, thus, resulting in marbling throughout their body (intermuscular fat).

Wagyu cattle have horns, but hornless Wagyu are also available. Colour: black and red. Easy calvings, excellent temperament and longevity (quite frequently they reach 18 years of age and more). Birth weight for calves — 25 kg, live-weight for heifers in 200 days — 170 kg, whereas for bulls — 200 kg. A mature suckling cow weighs from 450-560 kg (height at rump — 128 cm), for bulls — up to 940 kg (height at rump — 142 cm).

Wagyu is frequently referred to as the ‘walking steak’ because of its well-marbled meat. In order to achieve premium quality meat Wagyu cattle are slaughtered at the age of 4 (at around 840 kg).