The Simmental breed has very good mothering traits, high milk productivity and strong bones thus increasing the longevity of the Simmental cattle. A good temperament, easy calving. The Simmental cattle have tender meat with great marbling, if proper feeding and housing conditions are ensured.

The farm has selected the Swedish and German genetics, there are around 8 unrelated lines and about 8 per cent of Simmentals are from artificial insemination.

The average birth weight for heifers — 39-41 kg, for bulls — 44 kg, separation weight for heifers — 340 kg, whereas for bulls — 370 kg. The annual weight for heifers is around 470 kg and for bulls — around 650 kg. Their colour varies from light brown with white to very dark brown with white, polled cattle.

At the farm Simmentals are often culled as we are paying close attention to udder quality due to milk yield so that in the long term the new owners would be satisfied with the purchased Simmentals. In our experience, the cattle of the Simmental breed are most economically efficient as they are quickly-maturing and growing cattle.

The average first calving age within 1 lactation — 26.6 months. The average mid-calving period — 348 days and the average live-weight after 1 lactation — 750 kg.