Farm day 2020 at Kolumbi

The annual Farm Day, which covered the topic of the rearing of Limousin heifers, was organised on 20 August 2020 at KOLUMBI in collaboration with the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre and the Ministry of Agriculture.

This is already the second year for the demonstration ‘Rearing of Limousin Heifers Until Mating’. The programme of the Farm Day included a theoretical part during which information on the progress of the demonstration and the feed ration with regard to both groups of heifers was shared, growing and development indicators of heifers were analysed, also discussing such topics as heifer diseases, including the importance of genetics and selection index.

Details on demonstration results: average live-weight per group excluding heifers receiving complementary feedstuffs at 420 days or 14 months of age was 56 per cent of the live-weight of an adult cow (its mother) and the height at rump — 132 cm, gaining live-weight increase of 860 grams per day. Average live-weight of heifers receiving complementary foodstuffs during the same period reached 62 per cent of the live-weight of an adult cow (its mother) and the height at rump — 134 cm, within the group gaining the average live-weight increase of 1003 grams per day.

The objective of this demonstration was to examine the impact of various feeding systems on breeding heifers so that at the age of 16 up to 18 months 70 up to 85 per cent of the heifer herd would be ready for their first mating or artificial insemination. The objective was nearly accomplished, but for the full achievement of the objective, artificial insemination or natural mating will be started from 480 days of age on the basis of the live-weight and the inspection of the genital organs of heifers.

During the practical part of the event we shared our experience in the area of beef cattle breeding.

We would like to express our gratitude to lecturers Anita Siliņa and Dainis Arbidāns and to professor Daina Jonkus. Good luck to everybody!


Thank you to the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre! Thank you so much for the opportunity to continue our path towards growth and development! :)