Farm day to take place on 20 august

Dear collaboration partners,

As part of the Farm Day, the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre in collaboration with Lāses AM, SIA, the Latvian Beef Cattle Breeders Association, and the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics invite to attend the demonstration of rearing heifers at a beef cattle farm.

The Farm Day will take place on 20 August 2020 from 10:00 to 14:00 at the farm KOLUMBI of Lāses AM, SIA in Rumba Parish, Kuldīga Municipality. The specific characteristics of rearing heifers for breeding purposes will be the theme of the event. Farm owners will share their knowledge of and experience in rearing beef cattle for breeding purposes. Additional information and registration for the event until 18.08.2020 available at: Anita Siliņa, Head of the Livestock Competence Centre of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre, e-mail:, phone: 28601061.

Theme of the demonstration: the impact of various feeding systems on the suitability of meat-producing breeding heifers until mating within the organic farming system (6th lot).

View the agenda (PDF)