From farmer to the table!

During the first part of the event visitors had the chance to learn about the practical experience and the theoretical background of the farm KOLUMBI as regards the quality of meat depending on the animal breed, livestock feed, and farming method, to get a grasp of the meat maturing process and to have a look at various types of steaks. Four key issues which determine the quality of meat were accented from the entire scope of the information provided: genetics, nutrition, farming method, and the age at slaughter.

Apart from the farm visit, the visitors had the opportunity to witness bovine animal training which was demonstrated by our greatest support and right hand — Nauris Gribusts. Three breeding bulls of various age were demonstrated: two Limousins and one Aberdeen Angus. The bravest visitors were able to practically take part in the training and to feel the grace and temperament of the bull because a well-trained bull is not selective about who its trainer is.

The second part of the seminar was the show prepared by DIVI NAŽI — the talented and highly professional butcher Elviss Sproģis and chef Dāvis Veilands known as the best butchers in Kurzeme Region. They both are excellent not only at the craft of butchering meat and processing various kinds of meat, but also at sharing their knowledge about the origin of meat and breed, the purpose of each slice of meat and most suitable cooking method.

Our sincere thanks to DIVI NAŽI for your practical advice in cooking beef and breaking down a beef carcass.

In addition, the seminar would not have been such a success without the delicious lunch — Chili con carne — cooked by the great Parrilla Venta Chef Normunds Beika and his major efforts put into the cookery demonstrations and tastings. Thank you!

We are also grateful to the experts of the Animal Breeders Association of Latvia for their collaboration in organising the event and also to Dainis Arbidāns for the excellent photos.

See you soon in the upcoming events at KOLUMBI!