Gathering of beef cattle breeders in Kuldīga

Beef cattle farmers and interested parties gathered together in Kuldīga, Mārtiņš Hall on 6 October to participate in the 10th Farm Day organised as part of the Herbivorous Project in collaboration with the farm KOLUMBI of Lāses AM, SIA. The pilot project entitled Comparison of the Quality of the Descendants of Pure-bred Beef Cattle took place at the farm. There was a strong interest on the part of visitors as the room was almost full.

The first part of the event took place in Mārtiņš Hall, but the second part took place at the farm KOLUMBI in Kuldīga municipality, Rumba parish. In the introductory part the Head of Livestock Competence Centre of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre Anita Siliņa gave a presentation during which she told about the objectives of breeding the Swedish Charolais, their supervision and registration, quality criteria when creating a pure-bred herd and topicalities in the industry.

Trial results, analysis and assessment were revealed by Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Daina Jonkus. The veterinary field was represented by a veterinarian from Kuldīga — Olārs Obodņikovs. He addressed such topics as the causes of mortality among calves, early mortality risk factors, the signs of calving, infections, etc.

The Farm Day is organised by the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre each year in various beef cattle breeding farms in the rural regions of Latvia. It must be noted that the event is organised within the scope of the National Rural Network activity “Implementation of Pilot Projects in the Field of Agricultural Production” and the event is free of charge.